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Religious Crosses in Ethiopia

Lalibela - Processional CrossIn many aspects of Ethiopian life, no other symbol is as dominant as the cross. Crosses are used in numerous religious ceremonies, performances and festivals but also in daily life.

The Processional Cross is the largest and most elaborate Ethiopian cross and is hold by a priest above the heads of the crowd to bless it. This cross can be made of brass, silver, wood or gold and often bores a picture of the Virgin Mary. There is no limit to the imagination of the artisan.

The Priests' Cross, also called the Hand Cross, is much smaller and less elaborate. Made of silver, iron or wood priests hold this cross in their hand or wear it on a string around their neck. The name of the owner is often the only mark upon it.

The Pectoral Cross, also called the Neck Cross, adores often, secured by a blue cord, the neck of the faithful. Many people receive their Pectoral Cross at baptism. Besides the religious meaning Pectoral Crosses are often functional, serving as everything from lockets to different tools. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to shape and decoration.