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One of Ethiopia’s primary attractions is her abundance of historical sites, unique in sub-Saharan Africa. While much of the history is impenetrably bound up in myth and legend, a great deal of it is well documented. The path to Ethiopia’s famous and fascinating historic sites takes you through magnificent scenery to places with names, which could be out of a fairy tale.

In general the historic route that covers all the historical attractions of Ethiopia includes:

  • The archaeological & religious sites of Axum
  • The ancient city of Sabeans, Yeha (5th BC)
  • The rock churches of Tigray
  • The 13th century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela
  • The 17th century castles of Gondar
  • Lake Tana and its island monasteries near Bahir Dar
  • The 1000-year-old Muslim Town of Harer and the nearby town of Harar-Dire Dawa.